Monday, January 24, 2011

Where's mine?

Well, i would like to wish my buddy that today is her one year anniversary with her loved! WOW
Sometime i quite jealous er......and thinking where is mine? Its made me feel so lonely in so sudden er! >< I hope i have a good boyfriend also since in my gang almost all already couple. Their boyfriend treat them well! I hope i could have so! Have a boy that love me, indulge me , treat me well , appreciate me and when I need a rest he would lent his shoulder to me and Only ME! Hahaha
But so far I haven't meet such person! Although i desperate/desire to have a boyfriend! BUt honestly want to find a person that love each other is not that easy man! People always face to such case like when you like him/her but he/she don't or he/she just assume/treat you as a good friend that all!
So for me , if choose a boyfriend muut be very careful and prudence. Of course i would see his attitude , his behave and so on ( every girl would do so wad). But if i really fall in love with him , I love the way he was! That is why LOVE is BLIND! hahaha lol
I'm here waiting your coming! ^^ My right man! hahaha


  1. LOL, you forgotten that ur buddies always loving and stay beside you? You should know babe :d

  2. Since love is blind then why bother? haha~ juz take stone and throw kena who than juz take~ since love is blind~ :D