Monday, January 24, 2011

Where's mine?

Well, i would like to wish my buddy that today is her one year anniversary with her loved! WOW
Sometime i quite jealous er......and thinking where is mine? Its made me feel so lonely in so sudden er! >< I hope i have a good boyfriend also since in my gang almost all already couple. Their boyfriend treat them well! I hope i could have so! Have a boy that love me, indulge me , treat me well , appreciate me and when I need a rest he would lent his shoulder to me and Only ME! Hahaha
But so far I haven't meet such person! Although i desperate/desire to have a boyfriend! BUt honestly want to find a person that love each other is not that easy man! People always face to such case like when you like him/her but he/she don't or he/she just assume/treat you as a good friend that all!
So for me , if choose a boyfriend muut be very careful and prudence. Of course i would see his attitude , his behave and so on ( every girl would do so wad). But if i really fall in love with him , I love the way he was! That is why LOVE is BLIND! hahaha lol
I'm here waiting your coming! ^^ My right man! hahaha

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Yea! happy birthday to myself! liyeng! hehehe. 21st January the Great Day ever i had! i'm here to thanks to Shan , Auyong , Kye , Grace , Ciahui , Puijing , Meiteng of the celebration for ME^^ !!
I am very happy to have you guy be my friend! The fate that we meet each other ! I really appreciate you guys! Other than that i would like to say sorry that previously i thought to cancel the celebration of some reason! sorry for the misunderstanding n emotion!
Friday , 21st January , the day - an unforgettable day to me! I really appreciated what you guy did for me even that day some of you guy having class n working!
I LOVE you all my friends! Friendship abiding!
HappY biRThdaY HaPPy Day! hehehe

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Moody?! i hate moody. i doesn't like such feeling! its not in my theory. Yea! but,when was shan told me that she couldn't accompany me whole day on friday. i felt so Down. When saw grace she said she had to work. i expected she couldn't make it too. Again Down. Just now, kye said she couldn't made it too because she is frenzy with her assignment. Again...
Its made me very down some more couldn't fall as sleep at night. Seem like a bit exaggerate but its real. I didn't blame them. They have their own reason too. i had mention before i hope this year birthday they could accompany me for whole day have fun , enjoy and crazy around. But now...its not like what i expected. Thought and thought...i would like to cancel this celebration since they busy their work and study so that i text shan. I don't want they overwork too. i understand the tiring.
Why must i moody because of it small matter? Its remind me...last year's birthday i had a bad that i wish this year i have a wonderful day wish my beloved friend. So this year's birthday i very attention on it!
They couldn't made it..i understand..i didn't blame them although i really very sad and a bit anger. But..if they couldn't accompany me..i also have my own play since i told myself this year i must have a happy day! I think i might go movie new clothes for myself...hahaha...if could lend a guy accompany how good? hahahaha...
MOODY~~~i HATE it! BUT tomorrow is a another day!
But i still LOVE my friend! MY friend yours should understand me more! haha

Friday, January 14, 2011

My braveness mother ever

I was left my blog dead almost a month plus. i'm back. Today i would like to talk bout my braveness mother! my mom who having kidney problem since i was form3 so that she have to having dialysis regularly at hospital. My mom had surgery at gleneagle hospital today because of the blood coagulating in the vein( thrombosis ). i couldn't remember this is the 4th or 5th time she went to hospital for the surgery. It is cause by the low blood pressure....
That day, wednesday , mom having her lunch after the dialysis at hospital...when she finish a bowl of mee , once she stand up she felt dizzy and go fainted. The tauke aunty quickly hold my mom n keep shake her and calller her only got conscious,spit out what she ate just now. that time what can i do only worried n worried..cos i having exam tat time...but finally mom drive home safely><
Ever since, the blood coagulated the vein. when the blood coagulated the vein a dialysiser couldn't dialysis. the blockage make mom suffer a lot if swollen at the part of the blood blockage. when i just touch the surface area mom complaint pain. So she have to do surgery as fast as possible! haiz
After the successful surgery have done, mom still suffer by the dreadful pain! i couldn't describe how is the dreadful pain was...but mom prop in over! my brave mom prop it over! even the doctor couldn't inject sedative for the nerve because doctor had try.once injection the surface area was bleeding...only the way my mom must Bear it! how the pain was! i couldn't imagine!
But now everything is braveful mom could overcome it overall together with US! i'm here to'r the best ever! I LOVE YOU! thus,i'm here to say thanks to he had been sacrifice his work time to send us school n this few day still have to take his time to delegate mom jobs which have to send us school I LOVE YOU TOO DA D. I dont even dare to say it face to face! lol.
And lastly i'm here to said>huge yours loved when you could! parents are the only one! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Final coming!

Two more week got start final exam already,have to work hard for it!^^
since exam is coming,i could not hang out always online! Juzt finish revise mircoeconomics chapter4 only, so...on for while seek any news~~~
Well i just saw my best friend~ shan shan she got a new haircut! but it is very short! >< its very waste with her long hair! i think she might be want have a new look n try something new? she got told us before she want to cut short as grace's length. but most important is she like it! ^^
But im stil waiting my hair longer!
anyway i would less online n blogger, i will be free after all final exam^^

Friday, July 30, 2010

Passed ^^

Wow,finally finish all the coursework, now waiting for final exam! ^^
This time my QS is passed! damn happy! before the test, i study study redo redo those question! beside that i go huelin's house overnight a day! because we study until midnight?! not really, mostly is chatter with huelin n pakcheok. kepo some interesting new? our secret! XD
when i sit the test another day wif full of confidence, but i was too careless copy wrong note so that i was do wrong a question subtract at least 5mark><. but as long as i got pass^^
By the way, i heard something gossip in y class, hahaha that is super funny! I was so sudden become the 3rd person?! lol...both of them which is my good buddy which they suspect they together suddenly they say i was the 3rd person in their relationship! lol..funny man! hahaha the whole class was know it,but fine for me la, because i know what is going on! XD
Only those which is not close to us would suspect so n i could say they think too much! hahaha
Anyway, i miss my gang liao! n kye n peishan is got to start college liao. i'm here to wish my babes: all the best in college life! ^^

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

QS test

Well, i just had my QS test today! Although the test is gone but i was very worried the result! ><><..i very nervous although it just a test but the mark is bring to final exam! LOL! ><
Although i finish all of 4 question...but do not know whether the ans correct a not! LOL
Pray sky pray floor...must PASS PASS PASS! hahaha